In which social media is used to share ideas.

This is almost the last of my Podcamp Boston recaps and it gives me a great opportunity to promote PulverTV and to mention that it is scheduled to air on Monday, November 12th starting at 2PM EDT / 2000 CET and has the following scheduled guests : Jonny Goldstein, Lux Nightmare, Phil Cambell and Pej Roshan.

I wish to again thank, Jeff Pulver, Andy Lipson, Chris Brogan and many other members of the Pulver Media team for bringing the Studio to Boston and for giving everyone here a chance to take part in the show.

Incidentally I have used an edited version of this Plugin to handle the content I will have further play with it but so far it looks like a great match to my requirements. I will submit the code back to the Author and

Part Zero
I cant locate the first 30 minutes of the show, sorry.

Part One
Featuring : Casey Mckinnon ( Galacticast ) , Rudy Jahchan ( Galacticast ) , Jonny Goldstein ( jonnygoldstein ) , Lux Nightmare ( boinkology ) , Bre Pettis ( imakethings ) , Kathryn Jones ( )

[blogtv YeTrZe3HY2P nolink]

Part Two
Featuring Steve Garfield ( stevegarfield ) , Eric Beck ( next new networks ) , Justin Johnson ( ) , Cliff Ravenscraft ( ) , Jeff Pulver ( pulverblog ) , Geo Geller ( geogeller ) and Loudmouthman ( Nik Butler )

[blogtv YeTrZe3HYe3 nolink]

Part Three
Featuring Phil Campbell ( ) , ChefMark and Jennifer Innalo ( Culinary Media Network ) , Andy Lipson ( icedcoffemedia )

[blogtv YeTrZe3tZ2Z nolink]

Part Four

[blogtv YeTrZe3tZ2P nolink]

The conversations on PulverTV will always continue so please make a little time to come join in , take part and bring our thoughts to the table.

Thanks for watching and listening and reading.

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