First impressions of PodcampUK.

Im sitting in the presentation on “Things I wish I knew about Podcasting before I started” by Jason Jarrett and  learning some excellent tips. Thankfully we are broadcasting this on Blogtv so we have some tips and content available for later. Meaning I can type at you and pay partial attention ( sorry Jason ! ) .
The journey to Birmingham NTI was the usual M40 drag of dullness, thankfully the people here are fully engaging and interesting that the time is whizzing by and I feel like I have gained more in one hour than I would have in three.

Phil and John seem to be dashing and buzzing and co-ordinating the venue with great aplomb and the conversations and ideas are bubbling away. Lunch was superb and laid on by our sponsors so thanks for the Spring rolls guys!

Roll on the evening I am having a blast !

Thanks for reading.

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