Its Blogday Everyone, lets share a little link loving!

Today is Blogday, the day when bloggers share blogs of interest and explore each others reading habits. This is my first Blogday entry so please be kind to my choices since I enjoy each and every one of them.


Vicky writes a blog with a fresh take on technology, social network and online experiences. Its fresh from my perspective given that I am an “old jaded techno hack” compared to Vicky and her experiences in online explorations. She writes from the heart and with a passion for her words and her readers and I love. Her articles remind me that not everyone on the internet can understand a Geek!

Mark Harrison – Your Property Expert.

I met Mark so many years ago I think Linux was just a couple of applications and a kernel and windows hadnt even sprung past 98. When we first met we could argue and debate and hammer away at issues like molten lead and liquid nitrogen , there was noise, sparks , and interesting vapours ! The result was a serious respect for Marks opinions and considerations on matters Business and business planning.

Solace In Cinema

A blog by a person I haven’t actually met or communicated directly with . I am a lover of good film and good story telling and this blog is the list of my secret hidden film stash. It covers the sorts of films you would have found me watching when I worked as a Video store clerk.

Media Joltz

Lorri Randle would say shes a new media learner,her Blog gives advice and direction about blogging and social media that doesnt feel like it came from the last of the coffee carafe. Its laid back and calmly delivered and fun to read. Thanks Lorri.

Web Strategist Jeremiah OwYang

Jeremaihs “Business Hat” focus on Social Media and Web Strategy is the flip side to MediaJoltz. He provides great metrics, reports, links and conversations which continue to add to my ongoing understanding of Social Network Optimisation.

The Honourable Mentions goto.

Chris Brogan for tagging me and reminding me of today. I know I am only 8 hours ahead of Chris in timzones but the strange sympatico of ideas and moods has me looking up string theory and checking to see if were not both some sort of Seventh Son experiment. Suzy Miller of Certain Shops, for believing in me and setting sail into the world of blogs and social networks leaving her business peers unsure if she was heading over the horizon or the edge of the world, though we know better.

Thats all for , for I am getting ready to head out to PodcampUK.

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2 Comments on “Its Blogday Everyone, lets share a little link loving!

  1. Nik, I have to commend you on your selections – I’ve only found Rosevibe and your blog in the last month or two but really enjoy the thoughts and ideas. Jeremiah is a great read as well – he brings a different perspective to everything that helps me learn quicker than if I had to figure things out myself.

    So from one IT geek to another – thank you!

  2. I’m kinda stunned – and honoured m’lovely.
    That’s some crowd you’ve bundled me into and I can honestly say I never thought of my virtual home in quite that way before.

    I’ve been back to this post a few times since seeing it and was too stuck for words before to comment so now I’ve just given in and typed this little lot to belatedly thank you.

    *kiss* The opinion of a Loud Mouth Man means a lot.