The Other media player.

What application launches when you watch a movie on your desktop ? Is it Windows Media Player ?, iTunes (Quicktime ) ? or VLC ? All great applications for the desktop platform but what about the Internet ?

Adobe in an recent announcement have updated the Flashmedia player and in doing so they have sent a clear message to their competitors the Interntnet is their platform and they are the default media player for it.

The new release of the public beta version of Flash Player 9 , codenamed MovieStar will see support for H.264 and HE-AAC and will be available for download from Adobe labs. There is a far more technical review and discussion available here but the short answer to the long document is that Adobe are ensuring you can provide an m4a format ( podcasting to the less technically discerning ) file on a webpage and stream it via Adobes flash player. Want to upload video and have it directly delivered via Flash, you got it.

The Internet has is Media player and its name is Flash, cue obvious Queen link.


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3 Comments on “The Other media player.

  1. Sheesh… you think flash is the saviour of the universe or just another little proprietary walled garden?

    I think the latter. Eventually… browsers will do something else to play this content.

  2. Well theres nothing better at all that has market acceptance and adoption. Since the player is free and the service providers are enabling content translation to provision their own content I cant see anything else even getting close. And the Flash reference is just an excuse to play to Queen !

  3. Of course, I want it all, and I want it now 🙂

    For most people “actually works” trumps “source code and modification rights” nine times out of ten.

    I’ve been waiting for browsers to do “something else” for a long time – in static images (I have a lot of graphs generated on the fly out of databases in my life), I have SVG, which works very well, and is easy to code to… for animations, don’t see an option.

    It seems that it’s been easier for the linux community to shout words like “freedom” than actually come up with a viable alternative that I can stick on my websites!

    Not a dig at you Nic – I know how much you’re doing in the area of OpenID – but for every coder who is turning out FL/OSS products, there are several who just whine about how “someone else ought to.”