Social Networks, Branding yourself online.

A while back I blogged about getting involved in social network sites and my contribution to them.  Since then a few people have dipped there toes in and out ( and sometimes back in ) of the social networking pool and many have wondered about the value in all this conversation ?
At the time I wasnt able to answer it directly however it was a conversation with Dave Murphy ( Schwuk ) that began the process for me of asking  “why was I doing this ?” Currently I am involved and contribute to the following sites:
I have a blog,
I am involved inthe Open Source Community, specifically  Ubuntu-UK
I also write for
I have begun conversations with my own users about their needs via Ustream

I recently re-recorded my responses to Chris Brogans recent Blogtv JeffPulverTV show.

I am  a part of the social network community;

on Twitter
on Pownce
on Jaiku
on Ning
on Facebook
on Mugshot
on Jyte
on WeLovePuzzles look for Butlershouse
on LinkedIn
on Live
on Google Reader
on Flickr
on Mybloglog
on Digg
on technorati
on Delicious
on Operator11

I make use of Instant Messaging and Voice over IP Technology such as

Skype : thebutlershouse or 02921 25 1138
Gmail : butlershouse or even reducedhackers
Sipgate : +44 1403 888 192 or sip: 3798116

I always find it amazing when people say im hard to get hold of !

If you read my recent article about Social Network Optimisation I view the opportunities to create and brand yourself online as more than ever relevant today then they have been in the past. It was Andy Warhol who coined the phrase about being famous for 15 minutes. I would suggest it is now possible to be famous for 15 links and we can expect a new brand of PR agency to make it best use of that opportunity.

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  1. so, I wanna join the gang, so I’m gonna need a blogging name.

    any ideas?