Loud Enough to be heard overthere as well.

Some of you may  be aware  that I am also blogging at  OReillyGMT EU . I am now pleased to announce the publication of my third article which is very much an opinion piece. I will have to work out how to grab the RSS feeds for my own posts but in the meantime allow me to link farm my own posts on my own blog, for your reference.
Plain Speaking Shortcuts

Details the creation of Linkpot.net by Ben Thorp  ( Mrben ) and the assitance and technologies he used to create a alternative to TinyURL which provides far better clarity to communicating  long and cumbersome website addresses.

Apples News that is fit to print

I was lucky to be browsing my various RSS reads when I came upon news that the Common Unix Printer system was moving to its code and its author into the Apple camp.
The new thing is the same thing

This is my first opinion piece where I am speculating about the shift in focus from desktops to applications to the net and then to data and its ubiquity. We are well past time for a new mode of business within the computing technology and Google has already managed to sit in dominance for a time equally as long as Microsoft and IBM. The fun thing about writing this type of opinion is the amount of people who can become quite emotive in pointing out your errors.

I plan more news and articles for OReillyGMT specifically focussed on issues related to Small and Medium sized business as they occur.
Thanks for reading.

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4 Comments on “Loud Enough to be heard overthere as well.

  1. Ah, you finally got that one written! Any particular reason why the graph isn’t quite a straight line? 🙂

    Did you see the post I made, inspired by that particular idea..? I forget if you actually read my blog or not 😉 It was more on the subject of the UI that a single computer would have than on how the data-oriented web would work, but still related to the same subject.

  2. Yep , some ideas have been bubbling away. yes I did see your blog posting , I have you subscribed in my reader.google.com collection so I keep in touch, I think I also commented on your blog. The graph is not a straight line because if you search for terms on Google you see an ever increasing number of results. So I reflected those numbers. its purely arbitrary though the correlation is only evidenced by seeking the result.

  3. Ahh, cunning!

    Glad to see you got it written & onto O’Reilly. You’ll be writing for the Linux magazines next 😉

  4. P.S. You did indeed comment on the post in question, but for some reason I didn’t get en email telling me so. Very odd! I must look into upgrading & hope that the comment bugs I’ve been having go away…