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Back in March I answered the call to get involved in my own local community and I entered my name into the local Parish Elections for my Ward ( North Roffey ). On Friday I discovered that I, along with other candidates for that ward had won seats on the Parish Council ( hint scroll down to Roffey North ) . I want to express my gratitude to Seeker, Gazzak , Dave Morris and other Ubuntu UK members who sent me their congratulations and best wishes and for taking the time to keep checking for results whilst I was busy repairing Windows PCs for a client.

For me taking part in local community is an extension of my involvement with the Ubuntu Community and indeed many of the initial comments made during the training session on Saturday suggest that it is indeed different and yet the same. Taking part in the local Parish Council enables me to take my own experience with IT and Open Source and hopefully utilise those skills within the community. I’ll be taking the time this week to set up a new Blog space to post my comments and thoughts related to NHPC and with luck some of those stories will reflect back here as one community benefits from another.

Thanks for reading.

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