it was over before they started.

Clearly we had already won, according to Microsoft s latest website although from the start they appear to have recruited kitt from night rider to launch their dynamic screening process to categorise linux individuals. Though their target revenue stream is the Legacy Unix transitioners for which I direct Microsoft  towards some of their previous partners wherein theyre maybe the last vestiges of opportunity. For those who are unsure about Microsofts game plan to win in the mid market ( whatever that is ? ) then you can listen to their fabulous podcast whose system requirements are apparently Windows XP.

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4 Comments on “it was over before they started.

  1. Do you really think that site is made by MS?

    I’m not a ms fan at all, but seems to unbelievable and agressive to be true. In fact, if you search in netcraft the domain doesn’t appear to be property of MS.

    It seems lik an April fools day joke to me…

  2. Jeff your quite correct my geek card could be revoked but lets not forget three basic rules about blogs.

    1. They dont have to be factual just interesting
    2. Commentary and Opinion are quite often mistaken for fact.
    3. The definition of fact is tenuous in any web space.

    That given I concede it could be a fake. Then again if we are about checking the facts then I will call the media company and ask them for a response.

    Final thought , MS Dont make adverts , Marketing and Advertising Agencies are usually paid by MS to make adverts. Its just as possible that this is a guerilla campaign which is working quite well since it is getting publicity and eyeballs. So they have done their job and well done them.

    I removed the domain information since It might get updated later and I dont feel the owner would want a innappropriate spurious record posted here.

    Thanks for reading.