Rainy Sundays.

I was watching the 1up Show this morning when I was reminded that many game developers exist outside of the scope of big publishing houses. The independent game developer scene appears to be growing and there are many more tools available to young ( and old ) development hopefuls to build interesting games.

One such site which helps to promote a development tool kit and the results of its community is Garage Games which has a collection of demonstration games which  show that games can be created without the need for huge investment other than time and interest.  Ive played both thinktanks and orbz across  Windows and Linux platforms both are equally entertaining and simple to install.

Whilst we are not short on games for our favourite operating system we do seem to be short on a good communication about what is available and what can be achieved. So on a rainy Sunday awaiting the gales and blizzards predicted by the weather men im off to see what else I can find.

Oh one more thing, the talented guys from Penny-Arcade have a Game coming out soon which will also be available on Linux. So whilst we are making a concerted and managed effort to raise awareness and support for Linux from Dell lets send some love to Garage Games , Introversion Software and HotHead games  for more of the good gaming stuff we love.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Comments on “Rainy Sundays.

  1. How do you install these games? I have downloaded a file called TribalTroubleSetup.sh, how do I run this file?

  2. Hi Neils, thanks for the comment. Can I ask for more information ? Typically you should be able to just Click on the file and have it Launch whatever inherent package install script ( im assuming its a script with a .sh on the end ) it refers to. Can you let me know where you downloaded the script. What OS your in as possibly that your sure your system is okay to run the game. Um thats about all I can offer off the top of my head but do write back to me here and I’ll see if I can help.