GParted: A Divsion of Labour.

I recently spoke about Gparted as part of my 60 Second Presentation at BNI Flagship Chapter Gatwick . Here is what I discussed :

Understanding why or what you need a Partition editor for will for many not be immediately obvious. However I was surprised last week to be asked if I knew of any good partitioning editing software ? Well I would not be the Data Detective you have come to expect If I could not lay my hands on an appropriate application.

Gparted allows you to change the size of your Hard Disk drive without having to reinstall or remove your existing data. The probable use for this application is to allow you to install more than one operating system , for example Ubuntu alongside Windows XP on your Computer.

There are many “commercial” ( read you have to pay for them ) Partitioning tools available. Gparted like many of the previous applications I have mentioned is Free.

Partitioning software is not for the faint hearted however and always ensure you back up you data before using it.

Using open source software enables me to demonstrate that there are many, many , choices available to the end user. Demonstrating to my chapter that its possible to get access to quality software and support without the need to visit PC World. Keep checking back to see previous and future offerings.

Thanks for reading .

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