A little change, a big help .. probably.

Now watch this .. Sure enough I’m going to post how you can contribute in a small way and im going to get several posts back from the usual suspects telling me how I shouldn’t needed to have done that and clearly I had something else wrong.

So currently I am trying to track down a fix to my laptops screen layout. You see i have one of those wonderful wide screen layouts and I cant get the X driver to get past running vesa at 1024×768.

Since Alans post inspired me to take note of how a non developer could contribute I thought I might share a little of what he was recommending.

So anyway I have this problem and the first place I goto is my Ubuntu Forum where I locate the following .. Craftily tucked away under Video and Sound. At this point its a shame we cant cross post some conversations , or maybe tag them, to enable it to have appeared under Laptops as well ( correction : You can add Tags to the Postings in the forum and search on those tags  ) But I digress. So anyway I follow the instructions and to no avail I still cant get the Via option to render usable screen. Here I am stuck in Vesa mode at 1024×768 and looking around for a new answer. Re reading the article I am taking to this link about using OpenChrome.

In reading the instructions one thing stands out and that is that the following instruction was failing .

svn co http://svn.openchrome.org/svn/trunk

it just would not grab the directory svn/trunk . So as usual I just try adding a / to the end of the line making it

svn co http://svn.openchrome.org/svn/trunk/

And lo, it works! So being a good contributor and community member I log into the Wiki and edit the page.

The Correction made I proceed to attempt to fix my screen layout . And it worked !

Im now updating this entry with a further posting to say that I now have a wonderful 1280×800 wide screen with the correct aspect ratio and excellent layout and responsiveness from the screen. So I guess I now have to face the issues ( See Welcome to the community a previous posting ) where in I attempt to explain to those more knowledgeable that this particular howto and code has fixed my Laptop and enabled me to see what I currently experience without hassle or debate in Windows. That is a topic for another post, but in the meanwhile I will make a note of how this has resolved a problem for me and see if I cant get it mainstreamed back into the kernel ( or whatever ! ) so that people with VIA/S3G Unichrome IGP Pro drivers can experience the excellence of Ubuntu.

Thanks for reading.

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