A Revolution in Beer at WJ Kings

Rogue Trooper

All the best surprises arise in the South so when an opening conversation includes references to Rogue Trooper and a question as to whether the film will ever be made; you begin to realise that the speakers passions run deep.  This might explain the invigorating sense of renewal and commitment to tradition that radiates from Head Brewer Ian Burgess as he explains the new management relationship at one of  Horsham’s most renowned brew houses .

Niki and Justin Deighton , the new owners at WJ King are bringing their experience of the Indie Music Label industry into craft beer creation with the sense of the maverick , the rebel and the willingness to challenge convention whilst maintaining the integrity of the brand.

We are talking about a Revolution we are talking about Ian Burgess bringing 200 year old yeast culture and decades of experience alongside his  knowledge in the creation of Beer  to catalyze new product lines. Whilst Niki and Justin apply their expertise in brands and communication to change the expectation of the well known beer.

It took a tweet , and a question and an invite. A tour of the brewery and an introduction to many of the existing ales and a taste of some to come. A gathering of a few Bloggers in the best tradition of web2.0 public relations expecting us to tweet and twitpic and facebook and, yes here it is, blog.  I could not help but draw some comparisons to the efforts of BrewDog and their own marketing communications which had been expertly driven by Girlterate.  Finally to experience some of Sussex finest Cheeses ( by way of Say Cheese of Sussex ) in concert with a selection of ales each selected to represent the best in flavour and to draw our conclusions from the experience. To agree that  things are changing and they look to be changing for the best.

The Kings Evolution ; follows the Kings Heritage much of what we have come to love from WJ King ales remains. A few names may change but the evolution of what you should expect from this Brew House is something to follow. I would recommend you add to your feed reader or bookmarks and you keep coming back.

Niki, Justin, Ian and the team have the right ingredients and given time to ferment their ideas and allow the flocculation of social media to alter the tastes and age the results I think we could be onto a marvellous thing indeed.

My Advice is you follow their twitter feed : @KingBeer  and you keep an eye on their KingBeer website and enjoy a few moments from the Tour.

Thanks for reading

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