One more before the end of the world.

Nik-HeadShot_smaller Well a 6 month break in blogging but I have not given up on this blog or on its content but the last few months have been filled with stuff and technology and life and things all of which conspire to leave me thinking “I shall blog that later ” which I eventually never do.

There have been upgrades to Windows 8 , improvements to health and monitoring of that event. New skills learnt and some promises broken and some interesting times in the land of advertising. All of this shall get its own space and its own content; for now lets make do with my new mugshot and hopefully as I write about the past few months it puts into content what has changed and what remains the same.

Since I am in the mood for oversharing  I have connected the wordpress jetpack:publish plugin to automate and manage the publication of new articles and to allow you to choose to subscribe to my blog via email and etc etc. Now maybe I might work on my twumblous idea for 2013.

thanks for reading.

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