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simpleBinButterflyA long time ago we bought a bin for the kitchen like many things Sharon and I purchase for the house there was some wrangling , discussion and agreement[1] on what would be acceptable and despite the price the simplehuman Butterfly bin was ‘that bin’. For many years this bin stood us in faithful service opening , closing , filling and emptying  and we were that suburban family happy with our gadgets. Until one day the wear and the age got the better of the lids and they snapped.  For many this would be a time to buy a new bin, but for us , well, we knew what we went through and we did not want to spend another £90 what  I was looking for were spares to be available.

When I contacted  the simplehuman  Customer service form explaining  what had broken I was expecting a reply which would point me to their spares catalogue.  What I did not expect was an email back that said;

Dear Customer

Thank you for purchasing a simplehuman bin.  I am sorry to hear that the lid has broken and have arranged for a pair of upgraded brushed steel flaps with new hinge pins and fixing instructions to be sent out to you.

Please allow 5/7 days for delivery.

Kind regards

Within  5 days the package arrived containing said brushed steel lid parts, replacement hinges and a clear instruction leaflet detailing how to repair the bin. No invoice , no charge, no additional emails or web browsing just a “simple human” gesture that said “oh! let us fix that for you”

IMG_8535 (640x541)IMG_8538 (565x640)

simplehuman  have earned themselves a level of brand loyalty that PR blogs and ‘Social Media’ types only dream to write about. This blog post is my thank you to  simplehuman for making an after sales experience a pleasant surprise.

You can follow simplehuman on twitter as @simplehuman

Thanks for reading

[1] In twenty years of being together we have learnt that compromise can breed resentment so we  buy only when we both agree, its slow but it works.

UPDATE: December 2013:  If you have dropped by here because you are seeking the customer services page for simplehuman then I commend you to head to the following link which will take you to  simplehuman customer us page  . Thank you to simplehuman for pointing out that I was writing their brand name incorrectly. I have corrected that now I hope. 

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1 Comments on “simplehuman Customer Service

  1. I love reading stories like this, they restore my faith that there are still polite and caring people in the world!