Favstar an Underated Metric.

FavStarI think I might be  tiny bit addicted to Favstar.fm . It tracks your tweets in terms of who has ReTweeted ( using Twitters Retweet button ) or Favourited your tweets. I confess there are times I sit and anxiously hope I have created that one tweet which captures the imagination and motivation of people in my timeline and causes them to ‘pass it on’. As metrics go I consider it to be the purest form of acknowledgement that what was said had influence because once a tweet is retweeted it has the potential to reach new followers in a way that no amount of tweet stream bombarding or random @replying to people can. The other reason I believe it to be a tool for the power of good in marketing is that I dont see ‘Social Media Gurus’ talking about it. So lets keep it under our hats okay ?


Thanks for retweeting.

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