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SkyHDSpeedsRecently I noticed a drop in line speed. @SkyHD Suggested I contact the support line directly. This is the story of that experience.





I sent the first contact form today :



When the service was enabled my average line speed was over 12000 kpbs ( I tended to log into my router most mornings to observe this ) . Within the last 2 months Horsham has been upgraded to 21CN ( BTs new Fibre to the cabinet ) as a result my own road now has the new giant green cabinets.

Should I be suprised that following those cabinets being installed by BT that my average line speed is now 7000kpbs  ?

The line speed has dropped consistently. I notice a lack of performance from my network and since I work from home my use of the internet throughout the day means I have monitored this for several weeks and despite testing sockets, filters, lines , reboots and resets I have not seen an improvement ( frankly I wouldn’t expect to ).

What I cant do is test with another router since I dont have the username/password to the ADSL account for a SKY internet account and this means I am locked to that router and cant test any further.

Feel free to send me another router; maybe run some line tests but unless you have a way to move me to 21CN I dont think BT are going to pull their finger out of their arse and fix my problem with linespeed.

This is a problem that affects your ability to deliver a service to me in a way that I am sure free markets are supposed to ensure cannot happen, but I digress.

I look forward to your response; but just in case we feel that communication isnt up to speed I thought I would post this on my Blog just to track the conversation and result.

Thank you.


Update:  25 April 2011

Sky called me back and explained that following a line test the speed I was seeing would be the best I can expect for the line. They will raise this as a complaint and things will progress as best they can.

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