An action man ?

IMG_8012I dont know what an ‘Action shot’ is but I was told today that the campaign mailshots going out wont have any pictures of myself from around the Ward of Roffey North. It is moments like this when I wish I had someone like Christian Payne, @Benny Crime or @Paul_Clarke ( I note the underscore paul ) as a neighbour because if Social Media teaches you anything it is that staging photos is always hard work and that doing it on your own is impossible. Thankfully a visiting client was able to take a walk with me and the weather ( if not the sun ) was on my side. They say the best camera you have is the one that is with you ;  we used both the Sanyo Xacti and the iPhone 4IMG_8014 cameras to grab some images the majority of which I discounted because I looked constipated the rest, after allowing Windows Live Photo to do some work are at least acceptable. I much prefer candid and observed photos over staged and placed images however their is a need to create content and locate landmarks for association and this was achieved.  There may be more photos to come I am sure.

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