Day 25 : Dell Vostro v130 – A Smile and a Shrug.

A day in London and an opportunity to share some crazy ideas with some very smart people it also allows me the chance to show off the Dell Vostro v130 to some very traditional Mac users vs Windows Users.


A Windows user looks at the Dell and smiles, the lift the Vostro up and turn it in their hands marvelling that Windows can be shipped on a laptop that carries useful processing power and storage and still feels more than portable compared to their current laptop assignments. It makes them feel happy.

A Mac user looks , they smile , they shrug, they want to apologise for their indifference they look to their Air and then back to the Vostro. They acknowledge the leap in design and the improvements in size but you can feel their disappointment they dont feel include in the ‘’story’ that is why they might care about this laptop. Then you tell them the price and they nod with tacit approval that the price is a surprise.

For this multiplatform user who sits happily across the Windows, OSX, Linux world the Dell represents a large step forward in building a machine that meets some basic connectivity needs and price points that the Mac Air cannot hope to reach.


Thanks for reading.

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