Day 22 : Dell Vostro v130– Move over Flash.

DellVostroV130It has been one of those days for the Vostro v130 where it gets to work a little harder than usual and I let it flex its muscle as it churns across some data I have brought in.

To begin with the built in SDCard slot is popped open to allow me to copy the 5Gb of HD video from my Sanyo Xacti Camorder over into my Video folder where it is archived and indexed by Live Photo Gallery.. The Ethernet cable is plugged in and the video is backed up over the network via my Pogoplug appliance to one of my two Western Digital 1TB storage drives. The copy operations are performed with Terracopy which handles file transactions across folders and network drives in a fashion far smarter than Windows own built in file system dialogs.

So what have I learnt ? I dont use USB Flash to transfer files any more !

Now the video is in and the content is backed up I can start the editing work , but that is for another day


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