Day 4: Dell Vostro v130–Pay Attention.

Into London for me today and the admonition that my Vostro wont cut it for the whole day of mobility means my Macbook Air comes along for the ride as a backup. The average journey time for my trips to London , there and back , are a little over 2 hours. I cheat a little and take the Gatwick express making that 1 hour there and back and a separate Little Haven to Gatwick trip where I usually do not spring the laptops especially  since this was a ‘round the houses’ trip for me to be  seeing clients, answering questions and planning projects. The laptops dont get pulled for any real long day of work.

Fortunately one of my halts was the ever illustrious @Bennycrime who will make no bones about loving the Mac, but he had  confessed that this Dell made him stop and ask questions, truth be told  he was immediately in love with the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse an accessory which is at home on osX and Windows 7. 


Here I am  sat in Nero coffee in Gatwick South Terminal typing up an entry for the day and finding this Vostro is nipping at the heels of my attention span and making me want to play with it some more.


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