Day 2: Dell Vostro v130–Clients Calling.

Took the Vostro v130 out on the road with me. A  visit to a client which involved rebuilding a Dell Precision M6300 as well as sorting out some strange stalling errors on a recently installed Vostro 3300.

The rebuild on the M6300 was an straight forward affair . When ordering Dell kit I ensure it comes with recovery media. Every Laptop and Desktop delivered to a client site is configured and delivered to the Employee. The recovery media ( CDs, USBs etc ) are placed into a A4 zip lock bag and the name of the Laptop, its Dell Service TAG and its installation date are written on the outside .These are stored in a Drawer in the Server room and every year when old laptops are decommissioned the filing system comes into its own as I can rebuild and blank the laptops ready for sale to the employees.  Incidentally Dell can we have the Reinstall and Driver media on a bootable USB key from now on please ?

The Vostro  3300 was suffering from a strange memory eating issue after the Employee had installed Nokia OVI Suite onto their Windows 7 Pro  after removing OVI Suite and rerunning Comodo Anti Virus it all appears good.

Both occasions gave me a chance to pull out the Vostro V130 andget the clients impressions on the laptop. 

  • Thin
  • Light Weight
  • Feels Better designed
  • Looks better
  • I want it.

Comments which were pretty much matching my own thoughts and the questions inevitably lead to How is the battery life ? What is the Cost ?  I find the shoulders shrug when we talk battery life the acceptance that they wont get a good 8 hours from anything. eyebrows raise and heads nod at the price as the V130 is exceeding their price expectations.  The general comment , the first impressions are “wVostroProfile130e like it”


More clients tomorrow and hopefully I can get some video conversations on Friday but for now enjoy the wonderful skinny profile of the Vostro vs my Moleskine.


Thanks for reading.

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