Good Service Gets Good Response. How Crossloop paints me

A Short note to say , Thank you to @jobucks for her rather glowing praise of my recent Crossloop experience in solving a tech support issue for here in her own words

Today, Loudmouthman, speedy, nippy geek from Horsham rescued me in minutes, and I live 4 hours drive away.

This is how he did it, and this is what you need to know, because one day you are going to need Nik and you are going to feel so much better knowing he is just over the horizon

You can read more about the journey on her blog post.

I have been using Crossloop as a support tool for quite a while now and I find that between it and Logmein there is a generally wide range of robust and secure support options that I can quickly extend to my friends and clients to provide spot support, providing I have my own laptop and internet connection to hand.  You can see my crossloop badge on the blog sidebar down their on the right of the screen and as always if your in need of support, advice or direction in regards to a particular technical issue then pick up the application and give me a click.

Thanks for reading

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2 Comments on “Good Service Gets Good Response. How Crossloop paints me

  1. Hi Nik,
    Would you like to check out a desktop sharing app for both remote support and web conferencing? We provide our app, Mikogo, at no cost for commercial use, and it allows you to share your screen with up to 10 people for online meetings, plus includes remote keyboard/mouse control and many other features. There is a lot of info on our website or please feel free to contact me.


    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team
    Twitter: @Mikogo

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for the Comment. Ive registered up and I will drop by later and give it a whirl with one of my clients. It will be interesting to see where this sits in the collection of remote support and conferencing and screen casting environments.