Things to do on a Weekend #7 – Forbidden Planet (dotCom)

30th Anniversary

Forbidden Planet ( dotCom ) are turning 30 and to celebrate this they are offering 30% off Everything(usual small print applies ) . There  will be  goody bags, TShirts ( for the first 30) and StormTroopers keeping the peace.

Whilst nostalgia may not be like it used to be, I for one am happy that some things are making a comeback. Especially the ‘People Like Us’ Graphic which was used as  an in 2000AD and which I remember seeing and then pleading with my parients ( hey I was nearly 11 ) to take me to my nearest Forbidden Planet store.  Its History  can be  read over at  Danacea s blog.

Shop at Forbidden Planet

Since I mention Danacea its worth giving a huge tip of the hat to Danie Ware, Forbidden Planets own Marketing Maven whose Social Media presence in Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and occasionally her own Blog has created a space online where the heart and soul of geek and fandom alike can contribute their experiences.

Thanks for Reading.

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1 Comments on “Things to do on a Weekend #7 – Forbidden Planet (dotCom)

  1. Thank you for a serious shout out! Sorry you can’t be there – but I guess you’re kinda too busy 🙂