New Site design.

Ourmaninside started it, then Sizemore continued it so I feel its important to maintain the momentum. So I present the new site design. Theres a few more pages need tweaking and I have to slaughter this heavy categorization I have going.


A huge thanks to the guys at Woothemes who pointed me to the VibrantCMS which drives the site. It was easy to setup and test and get to grips with. So thats me chuffed and knackered and off to bed. Goodnight

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5 Comments on “New Site design.

  1. I’ve been thinking about re-constructing my web site, and your piece here, ‘New Site design’ and your other article, ‘You should Fire your Web agency when …’ have given me a twinkle of inspiration. In many ways making the web site isn’t the big issue, the question always begins with the content – what do you say, why do say it and who do you say it to. I’ve been making, teaching about and running web sites since the mid 90s and have never answered these questions. The questions are always there, but shouldn’t be a block on making a start.

  2. Didn’t recognise you at first. Took me several minutes to figure out it was you.

    Me next I guess!