You take my photograph, I break your face.

Maybe the Big Yin was onto something when he penned the lyrics to “You Take my photograph I break your face”.

It appears that in this “climate of fear”  the real protagonists are no longer  shrouded in secrecy and balaclavas. They are standing in plain sight shouting orders like “Little to the left”, “Bunch up closer”, “Andy can you got to the back” and the more insidious “Say Cheese”.

Where does this new breed of terrorist arise what possible training camps of evil are spawning these new threats to our freedoms ?  FLICKR , SMUGMUG and the more radical terrorists are hanging out at Zooomr.

I should confess though that I am one of those public terrorists I too seek to undermine the safety of society by capturing those moments just as Kodak instructed me to. I am not as devout or focussed ( excuse the pun ) as some other would be Pho-terrorists out there but I am learning.

The Hidden Photographer

Websites just as Ourman Inside, Urban75 , Boing Boing and Sirimo rights are teaching me the skills and the information that I need to bring down this system from within. They are teaching me how to make use of such terror campaigns as those discussed by the metropolitan police force

Remember the next time your standing in a public place I might be one of them. I will be  lining up a shot , peering through my lens with you  in the background and I am waiting for that cloud to clear and my daughter to give me that huge smile as I say …. CHEESE!

Thanks for reading.

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