Things to People See to meet.

Social networks and social media inevitably mean social meet ups and theres two events in my calendar for this month.

Media Camp London on 5th July at the SAE Institute , North Road, London.

Following the unconference format,  MediaCamp is an excellent space in which to arrange real life meet ups as well as to bounce around ideas concerning marketing, PR and all round technical information exchange. Im usually to be found happy to volunteer a talk on Twitter or a Gabble on Google and I’ll be there this week to gather people who want to talk about Event promotion strategies.

Geeknbury Festival 24th to 27th July somewhere near Hambledon in Surrey.

Online resident and social media maven Christian Payne, aka Documentally of has been pushing this idea forward with Sisyphus efforts. For me its the closest thing we will be seeing to a UK version of the Maker Faire and I fully expect the Geek experience within the UK to adapt to deliver our own version of Geekery and Hackerdom.

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