Songbird, Sing your Freedom .

Well its a Thursday and that means that I will be creating yet another Flyer for my BNI Chapter with which I will fill my 60 Seconds of elevator pitch. I could of course simply utter the expected and consistent words to an audience who would eventually become bored with my monologue.Alternatively I could use the 60 Seconds to provoke a moment of consideration that free does not mean cheap and choice does not mean less. Tommorow I will offer my chapter an alternative to iTunes, so here is the extract from my flyer posted here for the benefit of others who will ask me about it at a later date.

When you purchase music through iTunes its portability will be limited to your computer and your iPod. You will have a hard time exporting it to another MP3 Player. So how do we resolve this ? What is there that enables the average music and podcast fan to experience the mobility of their MP3 player with the music management and download options of other popular MP3 Player interfaces ?

The answer is Songbird , yet another community developed open source answer to MP3 file management. It will import your existing iTunes library and whilst it cannot break the existing copy protection it will start you on the road to mobile audio delight. This is yet another multi platform ( Windows, Mac and Linux ) answer that I would encourage every member to consider.

Sing it loud and sing it proud for the benefits of Songbird.

Thanks for reading.

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