Getting Started.

So I agree to start to blog. Its all about peer pressure but mostly its his fault . Ive agreed to help the Ubuntu-UK team get focused and organised for the avilable booth at this years Linux World Expo in London on 25/26 October.

Being involved in Linux and Open Source development or usage has for me always been about the community. Ubtunu certainly stands out as a excellent example of community involvement, peer review and application of consistent Ideas. The ability to contribute to an idea and to take part in building something , possibly whilst never even leaving your chair, constantly amazes me. Further its impressive that this amount of effort and zeal and commitment can occur from street, to town to city and across the continents and yet it goes by as nothing more than a background buzz to the everyday user whose usual expression is “oh linux , yeah I heard of that its that anti microsoft thing isnt it ?”. If i had a pound for everytime id heard that comment I could copywrite it and make a fortune.

So where does this lead this , my first post, my first blog, yes even my first time. Apart from a not so subtle hint to try Ubuntu , to come to the Booth and to get involved.

If youd like to come in and chat then visit ( on irc ) #ubuntu-uk my online nickname is loudmouthman

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