The Digital Roadie

These are the opening lines that grab your attention and reel you in and then have you hooked. However I find fishing metaphors to be  like social media qualifications  a little on the fish side. So allow me to  skip the usual buzzword bingo and get on with the introduction.

I dislike the concept of being a Guru or self appointed expert by virtue of follower a count or well crafted twitter profile. I am not interested in being an influencer because I have established a reputation for getting things done over talking about why things should be done.

What then can you expect from this website ?

The  Blog pages are filled with whatever regular thing has caught my  attention or I feel needs your attention and the portfolio categories (Which appear in the swishy slider down below ) are articles or ideas I want to highlight.

I would rather my clients and their views speak for what it is I do which is why the post “First Impressions Lasting Advice” is worth a read if you are wondering what it is I do.

Finally you can contact me via any number of channels in the icons above or through my contact page provided.