A Little something everyday

I cant remember when I thought that I was going to commit to writing and posting a new entry every day but it happened. As the project got older and the rhythm of words and pen strokes became addictive I realised that no matter how I felt the words inside wanted to escape and they wanted to find a type of permanence that a life in digital feels ill prepared to equip them for.

So it was that I gathered up my Moleskine and I set a new thought onto the pages every day this year and a few more in the year before. Now there are more than 365 posts and from the first to the current me expectations of what it means to use technology to communicate are rewritten in ink and communicated on a level that currently only  a human will be able to interpret. In the meanwhile I make robots and spiders blind and leave it to another human to find value and meaning in each post.

I like to think that the entries in Loudmouthman.posterous.com are leaving a trail of ideas and inspiration but I fear the lack of dancing kittens might be stalling the acceptance.

Thank you for reading them

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