Insert Coin Clothing–Getting 1UP on the Crowd.


InsertCoinClothing_RyanLike many Geeks I enjoy the relationship between hidden knowledge and public symbols. Nothing enables us to express this better than a Tee shirt on which some obtuse reference is passed and for which those with access to that experience will interpret and gain understanding.

 Insert Coin Clothing have done this with the  Video Game Genre. I may love them a little too much though since I have  updated my Evernote “Wishlist – Notebook”  to include a few more designs for which  people might wish to buy me .

I discovered Insert Coin Clothing at the recent Kapow Comic Con and this may be a good thing for one of us but I have yet to  work out which that might be. Meanwhile I have been faking Irish accents and walking round Horsham in the above.

You can Follow the team of Insert Coin Clothing on Twitter @InsertCoinTees  tell them @Loudmouthman said to do so. Now go ahead and buy some more Tees !


Thanks for playing.

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