Day 26 : Dell Vostro v130–This is War baby

WoWScrnShot_032611_223830Another Saturday rolls around and I have time on my hands; so it was only normal to find something big and fun to want to download and play with and at near to 25Gb of Downloads World Of Warcraft was a challenge worth dipping into. Thankfully the 10day trial did not ask me for a credit card. Whilst it is late in the day  and the download took nearly 5 hours the Game actually ran  and allowed me to get a character up and running.

The graphics are ramped right down but the interface and the interaction were more than usable and I would say if you were a travelling Warcraft fan then this Core i5 v130 with 4Gb of memory is going to do fill in the gaps on the road. Now where did I leave my Halberd ?

Thanks for reading.

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