Day 23 : Dell Vostro v130–Live and Unleashed.

Okay I will confess that the Windows Live essentials range of software is more than just growing on me, I actually enjoy using them.


WindowsLive_WriterLive writer is simply a damned fine application and if I were able to ask for one more thing it would be to present a full screen document view where the text of my post is always in the middle of the screen , just like Scrivner can do.



WindowsLive_PhotoGalleryLive Photo Gallery is quicker and indexing, sorting and tagging my photos in a way that could only be achieved if I were to combine Picasa and iPhoto sure it has its rough edges and slightly 70s retro user interface but it slams away at the images quicker than many other applications I play with.


WindowsLive_Mesh LiveMesh has been syncing my two machines with over 15Gb of data transfer between them and not a sweat broken out across the brow of my CPU.




WindowsLive_MovieMakerLive Moviemaker is more than enough for that quick and dirty and up you go video creation and whilst it is not a patch on iMovie it does the job with an alacrity for getting things done that almost make you feel like your getting in the way.


Now whilst none of these is particularly special or unique to the Vostro v130 it is only by presenting them in this form factor in this Windows on my Lap experience that I have wanted to work with them.

They dont feel like applications for your desktop  they feel like applications for the mobile worker and with this I am mightily pleased.  Now tell me why I am wrong.


Thanks for Reading.

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