Day 17 : Dell Vostro v130– Bin Recycled

There is an interesting article on Business Pundit that asks, what percentage of your Laptop can be recycled. What strikes me is that the article misses a question from the start. What percentage of packaging can be recycled ?

DellPackagingLets look at the packaging that this Vostro arrived in. The question I want answered is this ? Why can I not pay a fee ( call it a deposit ) on the packaging that comes with my equipment. The fee pays for the box to be returned via the postal system , effectively mailing an empty box. The box could then be recovered and possibly reused, certainly the poly-foam packaging could be used a few more times before being discarded. Use the deposit to offer me a credit with Dell if I choose to ship the empty box back to you. I win, the postal service wins, the landfill wins and most of all Dell wins some serious CSR points. Am I crazy or is there a better option ?


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