Day 11 : Dell Vostro v130–Essential stuff.

It may be 11 days since  I first started talking about this Laptop but that does not have to mean that I cannot go back in time and talk about a few ‘essentials’  tools that  form the basis of my standard Windows build for my personal use.

#TradeSecret No.4 : Keep Content in the cloud and keep it local.


In no particular order:


DropboxDropbox : It is more than a file sharing or file synchronisation tool it is a platform for starting collaborative projects and a fast thinking folder for content management that carries standard run one applications ( such as Keypass , Firefox and Virtualbox )


evernoteEvernote : When plugged into your browser, your Smartphone  and your email Evernote more than a memory jogger it stored content  from websites, builds wish lists and handles sharing of data and recovery of receipts and business cards.


chromeChrome Browser : It has replaced Firefox for its speed and its simplicity and when configured with Chrome Sync it carries bookmarks and plugins between other Windows PCs that I work on.



skypeSkype: The instant messaging tool for the professional with Voip and Video calling it backs up the need for my Mobile phone to have a signal  ( which quite often it does not)



essentialsWindows Live Essentials : This was new for me and I wonder what took me so long there are a number of tools in here which I am playing with and enjoying the presence of but more of that for another post.



writerWindows Live Writer. : Okay I lied , lets talk about Windows Live Writer. I have been using it for managing the creation of these blog posts and I love it. It works, it doesn’t get in the way of content creation and I feel like I am in control of my blogging content even when there is no internet connection there. If only I could use it with LiveMesh to carry content across machines ( just like dropbox would ) .


So that is my grab bag of software , whats yours ?


Thanks for reading ?

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