Day 9 : Dell Vostro v130 – Its Superb

Yet another trip to London and day working on client installations and software updates. I spent the a few hours attempting to fathom the issue of ‘Unidentified Network’ for a new PC. My gut told me that the Server ( windows 2003 ) that handed out DHCP might  be short changing the network so I took time to ensure that the drivers were updated and that I was not doing anything nutty with Bonjour or mDNS Services. When I entered an IP Address manually everything sprang to life which settled the argument pretty quickly.  Logging into the server  after getting my account enabled ( I am not the admin for this site )  I could see that the DHCP account was leasing 20 addresses for 8 days and had long since run out of leases.

For small sites with a few machines and regular series of visiting devices ( iPads, iPhones, Laptops ) I personally think that if there is no reason to limit the IP range or to ensure that leases are renewed every few hours but Im not one to judge another admins set up instead I restarted the DHCP service , clearing the leases and freeing me up to connect correctly to the network.

#TradeSecret No.2 Trust your gut instincts.

The client had the opportunity to play with the Vostro V130 and their first impressions were that it was a superb design that was far more attractive to a windows user that other laptop offerings especially given the price / performance ratio. There isnt much you can add to that sort of comment.


Thanks for reading.

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