O2 Muppet Mobile Plans.

O2 , Have you the Brain Worms ?

My phone usage  over 11 Days has been 433MB of Data.

In 10 days from the 1st of June I have sent 14 Twitpics the average size of which is 136Kb .

My general app usage for my iPhone is Twitter, Kindle, Mail, GoodReader, Comixology, Safari, Toodledo, Pogoplug and Evernote.

What I fail to understand is how  mobile operators  have been  surprised by the iPhone and its Internet usage.

If I was a shareholder in O2 I would be spitting nails at the lack of clear management and direction from the board. How could they  have been so short sighted as to sell a popular consumer product without investing in infrastructure to properly support it ?

I would also wonder where this ‘scarcity of bits’ ideology has come from in a company that exists purely on the transport of information electronically. O2 your approach is wrong on this and your Ideaology over the Internet is frankly as muppet worthy !

BBC News – O2 network scraps unlimited data for smartphones

O2 said that 500MB is two and a half times the average O2 customer’s current use and would allow someone to browse 5,000 standard web pages.

Picture credit : Kiss Me, I’m a Prince : Yogma

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