QNAP TS410 The Real Drobo Killer.

Earlier this month I had the chance to play with the  QNAP TS-410 out of the box this device does what the Drobo should have delivered on a long time ago.

  • Built in Network Connectors , two of them at 1Gbit each.
    Meaning it plugs into my network and bonds those two connections into one BIG connection.
  • A Media Server.
    All my music, photos and videos were visible to my PS3 and my XBOX and thanks to the above connection I could stream content and upload content and the box didnt skip a beat.
  • Rsync duplication.
    I can back up this device to another rsync service either locally or via the internet.
  • Bit Torrent Client.
    A web interface where I can pass .torrent files to have them downloaded and available to the mediaserver.
  • File Sharing.
    With Users, Groups, Shared Directories etc etc.
  • iSCSI Targets
    Making backing up and managing  disk images of other Macs and Windwows PCs a doddle.
  • Virtual Slices
    Allowing multiple QNAP devices to be aggregated into one large disk.
  • iTunes Library sharing
    Creating a shared library for all my iTunes libraries.
  • expandable RAID storage ( in multiple configurations )
    Pulling the same trick as the Drobo I can upgrade the storage in my RAID as I grow my needs.

The TS-xxx range from QNAP has ended my interest in Drobo and I must thank the wonderfully helpful people of Ultimate Storage for their help in getting me a review device. You can follow Ultimate Storage on Twitter as StorageExperts

Thanks for reading.

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