31 North 62 East :Too Close to the Truth.

There are plenty of political war films out there that  tread the well worn and cliched path of Americans winning the war. Its a breath of fresh air when the  British Producers, Writers and Directorial team of Leofwine Loraine  and brother Tristan Loraine  and Sue Gibson ( Amazing Grace / Hear my song ) bring a Political Thriller that focuses on financial and political misdirections in a modern theatre of war. 31 North 62 East

The film follows the potential consequences a British Primeminister choosing political capital and financial reward over the lives of its armed forces. Trading a Special Forces unit in return for the peace of a Saudi King.  The victims of a political machine who exist as pawns in a larger govermental cat and mouse game play their parts  and at times I am reminded of those BBC Thrillers from the eighties your following the plot not the characters and its going to wrap up well. The  concept is solid and the delivery paces itself well but this is no Tom Clancy or Dan Brown “Megabucks production” nothing will explode but there will be times when you will be squirming in your seat.

The Film was produced on a budget of $3.1Millon was  shot on Location in Jordan and my own home town of Horsham and it  arose out of Cannes 2008  where Tristan Lorraine sought Funding for ‘Shadows From the Sky’ said by many to be the Erin Brokovich of the Skies. This debut is intended to lead the way to that film and I for one look forward to seeing what Tristan does next.

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