Diary of a Coffee Addict: Bouncy Bourbon

Following last weeks Blue Mountain tasting we move onto the Bourbon Beans blend and another weekend of drinking coffee and espousing its virtues like some hackneyed Black Velvet writer. To sum up my experiences from twitter.

This is like kissing some beautiful demon queen. Little slices of flavour are whipped across my tongue. Bourbon Coffee @xpresscoffee

When I opened the foil vacuum sealed bag the first boisterous smell to greet me reminded me of some of the better coffee houses I have sat in. The vibe from those beans was fun and the colour of blend once steeping in the cafetiere was a nutty red brown that begged me to find a moleskine and start writing.

Indeed the coffee beans were inviting enough that I couldnt help popping a couple into my mouth and crunching down to get that Coffee buzz kicking off first thing. They look and smell like how you want coffee to greet you first thing in the morning and they fill the rooms with warm memories and the need for Danish pastries.

So go now to the stores of Xpress Coffee UK and order a bag of Bourbon Beans and tell me im wrong ?

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