Screentoaster aids support , clarifies posts and saves tweets.

when I stumbled upon [1] Screentoaster I didnt ‘get it’ initially. The concept of quickly firing off a recording of my screen with some audio without the ability to edit ( other than pause ) seemed a rather pointless excercise. Which fails to explain why im using it more and more as a tool to progress ideas , demonstrate technology or highlight bugs for developers. Ive recorded a few Screentoaster videos and since Social Media White Noise is heading into realms technical you can expect me to be using it to expand upon ideas with accompanying video following the links.

For you delight a few example videos from the site.

Using iSCSI initiator to connect a Network Storage Device Volume to your Windows XP installation

Configuring MX records for use with Google Apps for Your Domain

Since playing with Screentoaster there have been many other videos ( private ) that I have been able to create as part of either a training, tutorial or fact finding tool that in turn have provided my clients and my own memory with a great point of contact for note taking.

it makes me wonder at what point will screen capture and recording of screen casts become part of the whole operating system ?

Thanks for reading

[1] no really! it was via Stumbleupon !

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