Bin Collection Farce

Bin Collection Farce

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I can appreciate that we are putting a high demand on the local council workers who collect and remove our household waste. I can understand the need to make their lives and daily routines as predictable and direct as possible. Every week we drag those bins out to our property line and line them neatly on the left against the greenery leaving space for us to exit the drive way.

Imagine then the constant annoyance at returning in your car to discover the bins like this. Blocking the driveway. Add to the fact that Sharon has to leave the parked car with kids buckled in and wondering whats going on and move those bins back to where they were left.

Is it so terribly difficult to expect that if we are making the effort to make these bins available then the council would in turn make the time and effort to put them back where they found them ?

I am fairly sure I am not the only one to have experienced this ridiculous bin farce and I would be interested in collecting more evidence of Dangerous, Daft or just plain lazy bin replacement.

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2 Comments on “Bin Collection Farce

  1. We or at least I don’t have that problem here in Brisbane Australia the bins are put back usually exactly where they were left by me the night before

  2. They’re lazier around here and the bins are lifted by a mechanical arm with no human intervention required ( as long as they’re paired up to start with ) so we don’t have this problem