Slingers : Sizzle, Spacesuits and Spoilers*

People say a lot of things about twitter.
People generally say a lot of things.
The Writer of Slingers thinks most people shouldn’t be allowed to talk without someone holding their hands first.

This is the blog post I dont want to write. Its the post about something — cool —. It is the blog post about something science fiction and something new. It is the blog post about:

Theres elements your going to be familiar with and things your going to recognise and in many ways your going to see that all roads lead to 2000AD.

A future with guns that are smarter than their owners with robots tougher than an iPhone contract and with a world that sits somewhere between MegaCity One and Las Vegas and with a cast of characters that would give the family diGrizz a run for their money.

Like so many other things your just going to have to keep watching. So why dont I want to write about it ? well Im doing all I can to avoid spoilers , plot details or background that might otherwise leave me feeling that I somehow cheated myself out of some really COOL experience.

Thanks for reading

*Okay I Lied about the spoilers

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