Things to do at the Weekend #8

Its not easy to seperate me from work let alone the keyboard or  the Internet. So it comes as a suprise to many when they catch me on the topic of Centre Parcs and family holidays [1].

We had a short weekend break there recent and as usual I return from the experience energised and feeling like those few days were a whole week. The self catering villas which can be quickly restocked from the onsite super market balance out the many restaurants and cafe bars on site.  Since we have been visiting Centre Parcs for several years now there is some level routines of pleasure that go into the visit. In our case this consists of at least two rituals of visit.

The first is the canoe hire in the afternoon. Which  gives me opportunity for me to head out to the centre of the lake and sit for 30 minutes as the water laps the edges of my little canoe and realise im free from my phone.

The second is our evening out at Aqua Sana Spa followed by a meal at the Rajinda Pradesh. The spa which feels like a theme park of steam rooms, saunas and mediation makes 2 hours of contemplative relaxation feel like a whole day went by all the while the sounds of contemplative music plinky and plonky there way in the background[2]

We will be back to a Centre Parcs next year at some undisclosed time and location to enjoy another few days of not stressing the daily routines but until then if ‘ been sitting on that fence and wondering about a trip get to their site and book a break now then come back and comment about it here.

Thanks for reading.

[1] Actually you dont even need to bring kids but be prepared for a fairly heavy dose of kids everywhere.
[2] Okay I have to admit to actually owning several tracks that were being played but I really dont expect people to know who R. Carlos Nakai is do I ?

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