Or how Warmachines author learned to love the blog.2009-06-01-154743-sffe-blogspot1.png

Andy Remic  leads a new battle cry in the ove on  The  Science Fiction and Fantasy Ethics blog. Wherein the hope and promise of a positive view within the Genre is to be promoted and encouraged. Collating a team of Authors, Publishers, Marketeers and the occasional random blogger ( mea culpa )  to build a community to talk about the great , the good and the awesome in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre.

This  appears to be an exciting time in the Science Fiction and Fantasy industry with reboots aplenty in the more common genres and with the now apparent acceptance of Geek Culture as something cool and interesting It looks like the transition in how people are engaging in their entertainment is increasing the niches available to every market.

Go grab their RSS Feed now , add it to your reader and dont forget to stop off at the UKs best Science Fiction and Fantasy Shop, Forbidden Planet (dotCom )

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