Spinvox , Evernote and the tail of the never ending todo list.

For many  friends, clients and the occasional cold caller their first exposure to Spinvox comes  from me not answering my phone.

The Spinvox Voicemail service kicks in and you get a short message from me explaining that Ive not answered the phone ( well of course ) and that your call is important ( I am so commercial like that ) and that if you would be  kind enough to leave a message then the powerful machines of Spinvox will transcribe that message and send me an email with the contents of their message.

I can be assured that the next time I meet that caller they are going to say “So Spinvox, whats that then ?”

And so begins my oft repeated explanation of the hows and why that Spinvox is  to me more than just a voice to text transcription service.  Much of the conversation leads to how Spinvox Memo, along with the subtle application of Evernote has become a powerful tool in my battle with constant disorganisation and chaos, examples of which included;

Blog Articles. The lazy ( or lifehacking ) among you will appreciate the ability to dictate a stream of conciousness direct to your blog. It does take some practice however since there is no editing ,pausing , rewinding or cutting of your memo as you dictate and this in itself necessitates a need to line up your ideas before speaking them. A practice that after a while gets easier and helps with the task of lining up whole paragraphs for blogging. Whilst many blogging platforms allow you to email your articles direct I choose to send my articles to Evernote then its a matter of Cut and Paste.


Someday-Maybe projects. Proponent of the Getting Things Done methodologies will be familiar with the ever growing box of ideas that will be acted upon if only someday-maybe you have the time and the resources to complete them. Dropping ideas into Spinvox Memo,  describing the concept and the next action step reduces the expectation that a killer idea will be lost to the molasses of my mind.

Domain Names. Not that you can register  a domain through the service,  though that would be cool.  Leaving a memo of that  domain name as the  ideas  occur in conversation can be noted for later use.

Shoppinglists. Probably the least obvious and more powerful choice for Spinvox Memo. The weekly transcription of the shopping lists from chalkboard to notepad  has been dropped in favour of  speaking the list and in turn reading the Evernote note that is recieved in a few minutes.  This  has the benefit that I can use the Evernote indexing feature to locate items and articles by frequency to discover just how much of a Coffee addict I am.

Next Action Notes. It would be nice to think im this terrifically organised person. Where as I am  a disaster in the ‘todo list tournaments’ of work life. Spinvox memo lives up to its title in this regards since I can memo myself content which would otherwise be ‘planned’ to be written down and recovered later.

Speaking of next actions, your next action is to  goto Spinvox and then Evernote and sign up for an account then come back here , leave a comment and give me some feedback on your own Spinvox experiences.

Thanks for reading.

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