Where have I been , what have I done ?

Well its been a while and this looks to be the first post in 2009! No I wasnt lynched by unhappy Webagencies for my last post. No I wasnt sued into the ground by groups claiming I was defaming their lack lustre and frankly poor technical performances. Its just that after posting that article I went from mild manored tech support guy to something completely different and heres how.

New Additions and real distractions.

Harry says "it's a duvet day" on TwitPicYoung Harry Butler here joined the family Butler in September 2008 and to say he has been a handful was an understatement. mind you its not really his fault. He picked up some nasty skin infection so the poor lads been feeling itchy and uncomfortable for th last few months. Which means very little sleep and an awful lot of attention required, a bit like his dad really! 

Its not helped that the NHS System in place means that he has been waiting to see a Consultant about this skin problem for a few weeks now and of course the system is so incredibly archiac that you might as well wait to get better than hope the NHS will see you now!

Some Websites I have been helping with

I first began working with the National Deaf Childrens Society as part of the digital avengers project to promote and utilise Social Media and Networking tools. The project like many things in life took on a life of its own and out of the ideas and conversations came the discussion of building a website for the fundraising team around the WordPress CMS. Following many of the ideals and principals discussed in my previous post we constructed a theme, trained the staff and built out the content to handle the new fundraising website for NDCS.


Not long after this project started the guys at Just Means invited me in to talk about Earth Hour for WWF. Its been a great time working with the smart minds at Just Means and seeing the kernel of an idea be developed into a full website which I am currently managing the community and conversations for.  Earth Hour is still a project in progress and you can expect to see me talk about it , Earth Hour and ideas you might Commit to.


far-north.jpg Thanks to my experience in blogtology and again in part to the previous blog post Ive been approached by various groups who want to examine the potential of building websites that they own and deliver. Using the philosophy of building it quick from parts already available online Soda Pictures and I worked together in WordPress to flesh out a promotional website for the Film Far North. The project time from my perspective was very fast and the delivery and implementation was straight forward since we were all working on some very open standards.

Some Conversations I have been having

Another conversation , on going , has been my arrival on the Blue Blog. I was invited by Rishi Saha to start detailing some of my own Parish Councillor and Social media experiences as well as to get involved in helping with the social media message for the Conservatives.  You can read more of my articles there and I still owe them one from the last couple of weeks!

So thats it theres a ton of other unblogged uncommented stuff to catch up on and Amplified09 is steaming ahead at full pelt and in the meanwhile Im hacking away at codes, comments, tweets and conversations.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Comments on “Where have I been , what have I done ?

  1. Poor Harry! Our youngest went through the same thing. I recommend Alpha Keri for his bath – it provied much relief for tender baby skin. But beware – he will become super slippery!