So.ME Congratulations are in order.

If I seem a little non-posting lately it will be because of the arrival of our new child, Harry Butler born on the 5th of Sept 2008 and between then and now I have naturally been a little busy.

One of the things I did wish to do was post an acknowledgment for every message I received from all my twitter followers. This turned out to be an interesting exercise in search tools, php and twitter api.

For the most part the Search feature of twitter provided me a list of users whom had congratulated me.

<p>Search Twitter results</p>

Those pages  when saved to my hard drive needed to be manipulated using grep and awk to extract all the twitter status IDs part of the process was for me to sort the IDs and to remove any duplicates I may have created. From there I wrote a second program in php which read those numbers and reposted the congratulation  messages in a new page with the included styles so that I could in turn post the results into this post ( phew! ) okay here are the results.

Here are the names of everyone whom sent their best regards and comments on the occassion. Thank you one and all.

LittleLaura @loudmouthman awww – just retuned into twitter to see if any news… and there it is… congrats to you all! 😀
12seconds @loudmouthman congratulations on your baby! yay! We’re very happy for you!
cliveflint @loudmouthman well done to mrs butler. Congrats!
mayjah @loudmouthman Congrats! Babies are fun! 🙂
Bsimi @loudmouthman Congrats to you and your family on the birth of your son !!!
Corum @loudmouthman Congrats Nik!
foodphilosophy @loudmouthman Congrats!!!
freecloud @loudmouthman congrats :). This, as they say, is where it gets interesting !
peeebeee @loudmouthman Whoo-hoo! Congrats all round.
rojopelo @loudmouthman Congrats on birth young Harry. Little people are always loud.
danleach @loudmouthman Big Congrats LMM
tmofee @loudmouthman congrats dude! just saw the post on FB….
JoeCascio @loudmouthman Congrats on your new arrival!
Alheri @loudmouthman congrats to the family and welcome to the world Harry!
Documentally @loudmouthman Nice one a boy!! perfect 🙂 Well done you guys!
PurpleCar @loudmouthman! I hear you have a Harry in your house? Beware! Those things usually attract others! Congrats!
AngryAfrican @loudmouthman Congratulations! And a huge African welcome to baby Harry Butler. Welcome big fella!
vero @loudmouthman congrats! Glad everyone is well and hope the drive in wasn’t too bad 😉 xox
ophelia @loudmouthman new baby!! time for pancakes!! congratulations. :O)
3stairs @loudmouthman congrats to all – welcome Harry!
Alheri @loudmouthman Bonny baby with lots of hair! Once again best to parents, baby and sibling. He is starting early in cyberspace.
mrsb @loudmouthman – Congrats to Dad, Mom and Big Sister! He’s beautiful 🙂
Documentally @loudmouthman – Fantastic! Well done!
mayjah @loudmouthman – Oh fresh baby head smell! He is in that quiet phase, you know, before they go ballistic.
KitiaraTomsen @loudmouthman WOOHOO! Congrats to all!
anniemole @loudmouthman – Congrats he looks very cute!
Pishba @loudmouthman the baby is just gorgeous. You must be so happy and exhausted.
Danacea @loudmouthman – Good Morning, little Harry Butler – lovely to see you. Congrats to all xx
artbizness @loudmouthman Hey, he’s VERY cute! And all that hair! Congrats again.
Akelaa @loudmouthman Hey man, congrats on the loudmouthbaby!
GeekMommy @loudmouthman – Absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats to the whole Butler clan on the newest member! 🙂
paulnicholls @loudmouthman great news Nick, well done mate
fred2baro @loudmouthman congrats for the new member in family cheers to the mom 🙂
Tricon @loudmouthman Congrats, man. That’s so exciting.
DFBMBE @loudmouthman all the very best congrats from Kosovo! For Harry and King George!
Bundini @loudmouthman Hip, hip, hurray for Harry! Congrats! Great picture too!
ewanspence @loudmouthman Congrats
ThomAllen @loudmouthman have one on me there brother! Oh, and congrats too.
paulswansen @loudmouthman Great picture. Congrats.
Gokelly @loudmouthman your little one cute congrats
Shelleyftr @loudmouthman Hi Daddy! How are you and yours doing? Well done! Sorry, what was this statment in reponse to. (not hard,blonde)
jeffpulver @loudmouthman Good morning and Congrats!
Merlene @loudmouthman Congrats! He’s beautiful. You must all be so very proud. Well done 🙂
cliveflint @loudmouthman Well done, Good to hear they are coming home. Now it’s sleepless nights.
alexbellinger @loudmouthman tiwtionary’s a cool idea 🙂 Belated congrats on the little loudmouth.
CASizemore @loudmouthman re: recycling point for unused baby names. Its called fiction, you now have a bunch of character names.
cbensen @loudmouthman – He is SO sweet! Congrats Nik & family! 🙂
jamesbody @loudmouthman Just saw your tweet about baby feeding – had not realized that it has all happened – Congrats!
orchid8 @loudmouthman just take a good long whiff of baby Harry’s head. there is nothing like that in the whole world.
Shelleyftr @loudmouthman Stop with the baby clips LOL!! (my clock is so ticking LOL!)
hamzaw @loudmouthman you’ve got a new baby too? Congratulations! We just had a girl sprog 4 weeks ago. Great fun!
SuzyMiller @loudmouthman How’s baby and mummy?
3stairs @loudmouthman congrats – sleep in any increasing increment is reason to celebrate! here we get the Early Morning Pleading for Pooh
3stairs @loudmouthman lol! ah, the lovely days of a dozen nappies…SO glad i’m not there right now! drunk baby look is absolutely adorable, though
ianshepherd @loudmouthman I forgive you for being so cheerful, you’ve just had a new baby and haven’t realised what hard work it is yet 🙂
TristaTwesten @loudmouthman: Well congrats. Send me some. 😛
ijeanes @loudmouthman… congrats… Is Harry the newbie?

I think that just about covers it all. Thank you everyone who posted a there regards. Now normal service may be resumed shortly.

Thank you for your congratulations and thank you for reading.

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2 Comments on “So.ME Congratulations are in order.

  1. You lost me, @jotoo but not to steal the limelight – congrats again.