I have the Power !

I finally bit the bullet , laid out the cash and committed the finances. I bought an Apple Mac.

Mac Unboxing

Its been less than a week since it arrived and I felt it was time to blog a little about  the experiences.  Its not like I am new to the apple mac range, since  I tend to recommend my clients purchase a Mac if they are serious about presentation or giving the impression of design and quality.

There is something about owning a Apple Mac which informs others that you have a commitment to something. Its all about that Brand thing again.

Mac Unboxing

Lets be honest here, there is not much I can do on a Mac that I cannot achieve on a PC running Windows and Ubuntu so why is it really that much different ?  Allow me to use a hackneyed example.

You can buy a Jaguar XJS or you can but a Ford Mondeo. In both carsd  you can achieve the same results in  terms of actions. You can get in , head to a destination, park up and arrive, Job done. So whats the point ? The point is you are going to enjoy the journey in the Jaguar. There is going to be  a feeling of design and care which has gone into the production of the jaguar that makes you, the owner ,feel like its there for you.  Your going to enjoy the journey and your going to look forward to using it time and time again.

Of course like the Jaguar the Mac comes with a whole new way of thinking and doing. There are  just so many different ways to get things done that I am still learning, or rather unlearning. I switched on the mac and it found and joined my network, my printers and my network drives. I attached my phone and grabbed the images into iPhoto and then edited movies in iMovie and uploaded them to my network attached storage and things just worked. Im not worrying about antivirus this or spyware that or printer driver CD the next thing. Im not looking at battery life in terms of minutes but in terms of hours ( 4 so far ) and Im not facing the occasional spinning , hanging , waiting for the next window to open because I have  opened more than 4 applications at once.

Mac unboxing

Also its based around a Unix type operating system so  I have my needs met for the remote management and shell access that I get on Ubuntu. The webcam and flash player work as well, no problems not something to be said for an experience in the other operating systems.

F5 does not refresh . DOH on 12seconds.tv

I am sold now, I am not going back I dont have time in my life to buy more Windows boxes or apt-get do-it-alloveragain more Ubuntu installs. Im just having too much fun getting things done.

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4 Comments on “I have the Power !

  1. Yay you have joined the White(well more silverish now) side

  2. In firefox f5 refreshes the browser.
    in Safari cmd+r refreshes the browser.

    or go system preferences
    select keyboard & mouse
    click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab
    click the +
    application = Safari
    Menu title = Reload Page
    Keyboard shortcut = f5


  3. Nik,

    Congratulations. Welcome to the Dark Side 🙂

    Now, some useful FREE (as in beer) software for the IT Pro buying a Mac:

    – NeoOffice (OpenOffice.org for the Mac)
    – Firefox 3 (sorry, but it is better than Safari)
    – Skype
    – Cyberduck (FTP Client, sorry about the name…)
    – Chicken of the VNC (VNC client, apology 2)
    – TextWrangler (decent editor for code)

    The good news – adding applications for the Mac is WAY easier than Windows. About as easy as Ubuntu (albeit with a very different model.)

    Oh – and how many Macs have you bought? I see a MacBook (Pro?), but also a Mac Mini box. (I write to you in Firefox 3 on my Mac Mini, which is definitely my daily PC now, despite having cost half what the fire-breathing Windows box next to it did.)