Things to do on a Weekend #5

It seems appropriate for the 5th posting of Things to do on a weekend  to mention another favourite “ideas” site.

5min the Video Howto site is the video alternative to Instructables. Whilst it is still in beta its content and organisation is great for advice, tips and idea creation for those planning a weekend activities. When watching the videos on the site pay attention to the little Smart Player button which expands the video into full screen.

Taking video content a little further the 5min website includes tabs on the left to link to additional content related to the video. Addons, Scenes, Links and related video content are all available within the 5min video.

On the right video controls allow additional Zooming, playback speed adjustment, frame by frame viewing and brightness adjustment. Meaning this site understands that the action within the video is as important as the content within the video.

Turning off the Keyboard Clicks in SecondLife

If only for the passion and excitement in Torleys voice.

How to Dad Series – Burp a Baby

Never work with kids eh !

How to install memory in a Apple Macbook

My personal favourite for now

For ideas for things to do, or just advice on how to do it , the 5min website is an interesting diversion before the weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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